Patient Stories

There’s probably no better way to assess what we’re really like than to hear it from those at the receiving end – our patients!

Tara – single leg varicose vein treatment

“I think it looks a lot better, I’m very happy with how it looks”

“A lady in her mid-30’s, Tara came to me with long saphenous varicose veins – the two main superficial veins in the leg. Whilst not appearing as unsightly as many I treat, Tara found them remarkably painful.  They had become much worse during her third pregnancy, and were affecting her ability to exercise and play sport as well as being something of a cosmetic problem. Simple treatment with foam sclerotherapy quickly resolved Tara’s symptoms and also delivered excellent cosmetic results.”

Ian – single leg varicose vein treatment

“If I’d known how easy the treatment would be I would have had this done years ago”

Ian runs a busy Volvo garage in Crapstone. He struggled for many years with painful varicose veins on his right leg making his work difficult and stopping him playing sport. They were also very ugly and he would avoid wearing shorts. Just before he came to see me the skin on his leg started to breakdown and he was in the process of developing an ulcer. Following foam sclerotherapy his leg is transformed, the varicose veins have gone, his working life is much more comfortable, and his skin ulceration is healed. He is back playing racquet sports and is happy wearing shorts once more.