Video appointments

I am now booking FREE initial consultations via video which are proving highly effective. This enables us to meet, virtually, face to face and for me to diagnose your condition and answer any specific questions.

Mr Jamie Barwell

Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital
Derriford Road

07971 457523


To book a FREE face-to-face consultation with Jamie Barwell at the Nuffield Hospital in Plymouth either call us on 07971 457523 or complete this form.

All varicose vein consultations and treatments are carried out in the Out Patients Centre at the Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital.

Not local to Plymouth? Easy, send me a photo…

If you are from further afield, we can often offer you a ‘one-stop’ assessment and treatment package. This would involve a late afternoon assessment with Jamie Barwell followed by an early evening venous duplex. Should this confirm your suitability for foam sclerotherapy we would proceed with treatment that evening, allowing you to travel home the same night or the following morning. We could even advise you regarding local hotels/restaurants.

If you have previously had no treatment for varicose veins (i.e. you have primary varicose veins) and would be able to send us a digital image of your varicose veins following the instructions below, this approach may suit your needs.