Thread Vein Treatment

We are happy to offer treatment for thread vein issues however extensive or minor – from huge matted areas covering large parts of the legs to just a few scattered veins.

Thread veins do not need to be surgically removed. We can treat them by destroying the lining of the tiny veins using a very safe, minimal-risk procedure called microsclerotherapy. In the past, laser therapy and other techniques were tried but, in the legs, have proved far inferior to microsclerotherapy which is now the ‘gold standard’ treatment.

Microsclerotherapy involves injecting a chemical agent (sclerosant) using a very fine needle in small, dilute quantities under very low pressure. The procedure takes around 30 minutes and is virtually painless (you may feel tiny little stings as the hair-like needle enters the vein).

We treat all of the thread veins in all areas of both legs in each treatment session; most people require between 2 and 5 sessions, spread 6 weeks apart, depending on the extent of the thread veins.

Why choose Southwest Veins for thread vein treatment?

We occupy a prestigious unit in the Guardhouse redevelopment at Royal William Yard in Plymouth. Our clinic is staffed by highly experienced Surgical Care Practitioners and led by Jamie Barwell – a consultant vascular surgeon who has treated many hundreds of patients since 2007. For anyone based in the southwest of the UK or beyond, we provide a calm and welcoming space for you to undergo your treatment.

What our patients say

“I’m so happy with the results of my vein treatment. The whole experience has been excellent and can’t thank Jamie and his team enough. My confidence in wearing skirts and shorts again for the summer has been returned! I really wish I had done it years ago rather than putting up with the aches and pains, itching and embarrassment I used to feel. The results speak for themselves!”

“I’m really happy with the treatment and results I received from Jamie Barwell and his team. They were very professional, l just wish l had this treatment a lot sooner.”

“Helped me to live my life without fearing summer and shorts. This treatment is amazing and Southwest Veins are the best and so helpful with very personalised service. Thank you so much. Wish I had this treatment ages ago.”

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