Thread vein assessment

FAQ – How do you assess threads veins? – video 26 seconds

We offer a free consultation where we will visually look at your legs in a clinical exam. We can see them through a video or a photo if you send it to us. They are very visual, obvious and we can tell you then and there whether we can treat them and approximately how many times we will need to see you. We also do a duplex scan, this is purely just to rule out any deeper varicose vein issues.


per treatment session

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This includes a duplex ultrasound to ensure there are no underlying varicose veins which would require treatment before the thread veins are tackled.

To enable us to record the changes in a patient’s thread veins, we take photos before every stage of treatment.

Video appointments

Book your FREE initial consultation to discuss your thread vein removal via video. This enables us to meet, virtually, face to face and for us to diagnose your condition and answer any specific questions.