Why favour foam sclerotherapy treatment?

Naturally, each treatment modality has its strong proponents and I think it is fair to say that the jury is still out as to which technique is most effective. Foam sclerotherapy treatment has some distinct advantages, although other methods do too.

The catheter-based techniques are more expensive to deliver as they require specialised devices to generate the energy and specialised disposable catheters to deliver that energy to the endothelium. Not all varicose veins are suitable for catheter-based techniques and it is not uncommon for catheter-based techniques to be used for the main truncal veins in conjunction with non-catheter-based techniques for the more peripheral smaller varicose veins, often delivered (and charged for) as a separate procedure.

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Foam Sclerotherapy Treatment in the UK – A simple solution to a simple problem:

Throughout my surgical career my ethos has always been to try and keep things as simple as possible. This ethos has always served me and my patients well and is why I am proud of the Southwest Veins tag line: ‘A simple solution to a simple problem’.

I hope that my description of the anatomy and physiology of varicose veins above has explained why I consider this condition to be a relatively simple problem. Indeed they do not represent a disease process rather they are a structural abnormality that is relatively common and occurs in otherwise completely healthy individuals.

Whilst not wishing to completely ignore the efficacy of the more complex techniques my practice has been to develop a simple solution, namely foam sclerotherapy, and to pass on the cost effectiveness to the customers of Southwest veins in the form of a simple affordable pricing structure.

One of the arguments against foam sclerotherapy is that there is evidence that a small proportion (5%) of patients undergoing foam sclerotherapy may require a second (or rarely third) procedure to fully treat the main truncal vein. I recognise this at Southwest Veins which is why I am so careful to look out for this and follow-up patients at both 6 weeks and 6 months following treatment.

As part of the simple pricing solution patients are not charged for this extra procedure (should it be required) as part of our simple package price solution.

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