Varicose vein assessment

How varicose veins are diagnosed

Clinical history and simple examination are still the mainstays of diagnosing varicose veins. The initial assessment can therefore be done either as a face to face consultation or via a booked video assessment with me. The latter is particularly helpful for those patients based some distance from Plymouth.

To plan treatment it is important to know that the deep veins are healthy and to map the pattern of venous incompetence in the superficial venous system. This is achieved by performing a venous duplex examination. Venous duplex is completely harmless and combines ultrasound, to show the structure of the vein, with colour blood flow within the vein.

Flow towards the heart in each vein being examined is augmented by squeezing the calf. On release any reflux (blood flow in the reverse direction) is due to valve incompetence. It is significant if reflux is greater than 0.5 seconds in duration.

Video appointments

I am now booking FREE initial consultations via video which are proving highly effective. This enables us to meet, virtually, face to face and for me to diagnose your condition and answer any specific questions.