Why are varicose veins a problem?

FAQ – Why are varicose veins a problem? – video 75 seconds

It’s the look of the varicose veins that people really don’t like. They can be extremely uncomfortable, they can cause aching, itching and they can cause a heaviness in the leg. Sometimes people complain that their legs are very restless and that’s often due to varicose veins as well. It’s interesting, the symptoms of varicose veins are quite poorly understood so that some people can have absolutely huge obvious varicose veins (they tend to be men) that cause them not too much in the way of symptoms. But other people can have varicose veins which don’t look terribly unsightly but are extremely uncomfortable. So there is a wide variation in the cosmetic side of varicose veins and how much worry they cause the patient and how much in the way of symptoms the patients get.

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